Harmony Of Life : From Chords To Code

I am at the forefront of revolutionising the healthcare and manufacturing industries through the transformative power of AI, data analytics, and cloud technology. With a career spanning over 30 years, I have dedicated myself to empowering CXOs with innovative solutions that drive real-world impact.
My journey began with humble roots, operating a guitar tutoring shop for underprivileged students and extending support to secure a loan for a friend’s organic chemical factory. These experiences laid the foundation for my unwavering commitment to innovation and empathy-driven entrepreneurship.
From the early days of developing websites while juggling college studies to mastering programming languages like C, C#, Java, and IBM Cognos, I have consistently pursued knowledge and innovation. My career trajectory spans nine ventures, each a blend of triumphs, setbacks, and invaluable lessons, setting the stage for bigger things to come.

Let's Collaborate for Impact

Together, let’s drive innovation and transform operations with cutting-edge AI and data solutions, shaping a smarter, more efficient future for all.


Leading the Charge in Data and AI Innovation

The game changed when I launched “Think AI Consulting Corporation,” stepping into Microsoft’s AI inner circle and earning the title of a Microsoft Solution Partner. By 2023, my ventures led to recognition as one of the fastest-growing companies, acknowledged by INC 5000. My accomplishments include holding a US Patent for a groundbreaking neuro-disease solution and being recognized as a Top Voice in Business Intelligence on LinkedIn.


Collaborations with Renowned Organization's

Throughout my career, I have collaborated with prominent organisations such as JNJ, Epson, Hess, Starbucks, and Microsoft, employing technologies ranging from SQL Server and Oracle to cloud-based solutions like Tableau, Sisense, and Power BI. Alongside partners both in the US and India, I have led project teams to deliver cohesive, impactful solutions.


Shaping a Smarter, More Efficient Future

What sets me apart is not just my technical proficiency but also my ability to knit together cohesive project teams and lead large-scale data warehouse implementations across diverse platforms. Beyond my professional endeavours, music is my sanctuary, infusing creativity and inspiration into everything I do.

Companies I Co-Founded

Providing premium consulting services to build high performance Business Intelligence, Master Data Management and Data Warehousing solutions

Created a unique solution for reading disability “Readon.AI” to help kids with dyslexia and other reading disabilities

Emerged as Microsoft Solution provider for Data and AI for Manufacturing and Healthcare industries


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